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Bud Gaugh Exclusive Inteview by Erik Schaefer of SWRfans.com!!
Thursday, 12 January 2012 20:16

January 12, 2012

Ok so recently I was given the privilege of "interviewing" Bud. I asked a few questions, and I had you guys submit questions. I'm very pleased to see Bud answered every question that was submitted! Here is the transcript, unedited, and pretty candid. To my knowledge this is his first "real" interview since leaving SWR and it's by far the most personal.

Bud: Hello All,

First of all I would like to thank all of you who took the time to ask these questions and for all of your support throughout our careers.

Welchmann: Bud do you plan on working on any musical projects at all on your time off with SWR?

Bud: Well its really not time off as much as it is an "I am done with SWR" but yes I will always play music, it is a very big part of who I am. I will continue to do Del Mar shows as well as starting 2 new projects, one with Bert Suzanka (Ziggens), Todd Forman (Dr. Saxman), and Mike De La Torre (Zen Robbie), and one with Zach Goodin (SexRat, Bargain Music) and Marc Kalweit (SexRat, Frank Jordan) not to mention projects with my other friends too.

sublimeklump14: Bud what has been your favorite part of the swr experience?

Bud: Best part of this experience was reuniting with Eric and playing for the fans that never got to see the real Sublime out on the road.

sublimeklump14: Do you see yourself returning to the band in the future? If so what does the timeframe for that look like?

Bud: No, I am done with SWR. I would be into playing music with Eric Wilson, however.

sublimeklump14: finally I would just like to say thank you for the 3 best concerts I have seen 4/26/10 at the filmore, 7/10/10 at red rocks and 8/16/11 at red rocks the music you helped create has truly changed my life and I wish you all the best. Congrats on the new kid

Bud: Thank you for the well wishes, I love Red Rocks, that place is magical!!

Josh: Do you have a favorite song to play?

Bud: I don't know, probably the one I am playing at that time. I really like to play 'Under my Voodoo' that song really charges me.

Josh: Can you explain how it felt to tour again playing Sublime songs?

Bud: First off I thought it would never happen, it was really good for the first few months, after that, it just felt wrong. Not playing the songs but playing them with the name Sublime, without Brad.

JohnnyBleed: What is your top 3 music influences?

Bud: What up Johnny Bleed?!!! congrats to you papa bear! Psychedelic rock, Punk rock, Reggae for the vague answer. My personal influences change so often, ya know, its all about how ya feel at the time. I guess I can say I always listen to Angry Samoans, Led Zepplin, and Half Pint. so many more that could be my top three, just what I was listening to last night.

JohnnyBleed: What type of drum set do you use on tour?

Bud: I play Yamaha drums, always. The kit I was playing most the time with SWR was a PHX 12x7,13x8,16x15,20x18, 14" LP timbale, and various snares including, 14x3 Vinnie Caliutta, 14x4.5 Ndugu Chancellor, 14" copper piccolo for the yamaha's, and 14x4 and 14x5 craviotto snares. I use the yamaha DTX brain with two pads straddling the hats and a TD7 foot trigger to the right of my kick.

JohnnyBleed: Will any of the 2011tour footage/audio be released? (Full Shows,DVD's,ect..)

Bud: There should be a tour dvd released, I haven't heard of anything solid yet as of dated for release, but I know there was a provision in the license agreement for such content.

JohnnyBleed: Is there any recorded songs that didn't make it on "Yours Truly"?

Bud: yes, and there were a couple of songs that shouldn't have made the album as well, in my opinion.

chaka.chaka: How do concerts and being on the road with SWR compare to the 90's tours? Has the vibe of the crowd changed with the younger faces?

Bud: well I can remember these ones, lol. The vibe was different, it just felt like there was something missing.

chaka.chaka: How do you feel about fans recording the shows and uploading them to YouTube?

Bud: We (Brad, Eric , and I) have always endorsed fan copy. Kinda like the way the Grateful Dead (I love that band!) did it. Some of our best shows have been captured by fans, without that it would have been lost but for a memory.

chaka.chaka: What is playing on your iPod/CD Player right now?

Bud: Katy Perry and icarly, haha my daughter is using it right now! I know what you mean, Meat Puppets, Tool, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Bob, Half Pint, Easy star Alstars, Black Flag, Black Keys, Big Black, Sexrat, the Ziggens always

UMfan: What are your plans now? Del Mar? Time away from music to spend with the baby?

Bud: Well for the first few months its all about the new baby. I will be doing stuff with the guys from SexRat very soon and even during the first few months this year, writing, jamming, and maybe even an impromptu show. Del Mar might tour Japan for our friends over at One Big Family Records later in '12. Maybe.

UMfan: Can you see yourself ever working with Eric or Rome again outside of SWR?

Bud: I will always have an open spot on the stage for Eric, he's my family.

UMfan: Some rumors were floating on fan sites about a LBDAS reunion. I think they were squashed as just people dreaming...but is that something you have thought about?

Bud: I am not opposed to it, if thats what you mean. Will it ever happen???... I don't know, it would have to be under the right circumstances for me to participate. One specifically is the drug use issue, that's a huge thing that led to my decision to leave SWR. I am not going to worry about finding another brother dead or in the hospital because of that. It is just not worth it!

UMfan: Is there anything you wish you had done differently with SWR (band name, touring, album recording, etc), or do you have no regrets?

Bud: Yes, all of the above! In hind sight I would not have used the name. I didn't want to in the first place, I was talked into it and I would like to apologize to certain people and the fans for trying to justify or talk them into it as well. The Recording was awkward, It felt rushed, felt like I was playing someone else's parts/songs. Other than Panic, paper cuts, and safe and sound, it pretty much was. Some of the parts that were added after the fact really ruined some of the songs for me, for my liking. I also never agreed to do extensive touring for three years straight so that soured me on this thing. I don't know, maybe it was just not having passes for my friends because someone gave them all to their toothless craigslist hookers instead, lol!

UMfan: What are your best memories of SWR? Were there any particularly memorable shows?

Bud: Ya, The first and the last! haha. Really the first show at the Cantina in Sparks was great. The SWU show in Sao Paulo, Brazil was pretty crazy too, 85,000+ people. It was pretty incredible to play to that many people all at once. I always play my heart out, no matter what is going on outside of the stage area, I give it my all. It is just the way I play, I love it! So for me every show really is my best, until the next one.

UMfan: Thanks for the work you put into SWR and for letting me be a small part of it. I was 16 when Sublime ended and I never thought I'd get to see you and Eric play together. I am SO thankful I got to see you in Portland November 2010 and August 2011. It's a shame the situation is so messed up, but I know you made a lot of fans happy and I have made a lot of new friends because of SWR and by spreading the message about the band. Best of luck and I got your back no matter what you decide to pursue. I owe you!

Bud: To the contrary my friend, I owe you! It is the love you have for Sublime that fuels my fire and for that I am forever grateful!!


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